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Holiday Homeschooling Hub

Welcome to the Holiday Homeschooling hub!

The Hub is the best of both online summits and printable bundles all squished together, with a few innovative elements thrown in, that will create a one-of-a-kind experience for your homeschool this holiday season!

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The Holiday Homeschooling Hub is hosted inside an app on your phone.

Feeling overwhelmed? Hop into the app and chat with a mama who is right in the thick of it with you!

Looking for something to do or create? Browse through the library of free holiday resources that are included! Don’t forget to come back and post a picture! 🥳 

Need some homeschooling-through-the-holidays inspiration? Watch one of the expert-led workshops at your convenience!

The Holiday Homeschooling Hub is for you if…

    • You are overwhelmed with the idea of homeschooling on top of everything else you need to do during the holidays.
    • You kept up with homeschooling last year, but by January you were so burnt out it was difficult to get going again.
    • You want to learn how to keep your sanity & enjoy the holiday season with your family this year, without missing homeschool days.
Holiday Homeschooling Hub


Holiday homeschooling Hub Workshops

20+ holiday homeschooling workshops from experts to consume on your own time. No deadlines or ticking time clocks to add to the stress of homeschooling through the holidays!

Holiday homeschooling Hub Connections

Real-time connection with like-minded homeschool families to share advice, ideas for homeschooling through the holidays, support, and so much more!

Holiday homeschooling Hub Freebies

Exclusive access to Holiday Homeschooling Freebies (paid resources that you get for FREE because you joined the Hub!) Plus, direct access to our Holiday Shop that will make finding holiday resources super convenient and more affordable with an exclusive discount!

Holiday Homeschooling Hub

Here’s what you WON’T find in the Holiday Homeschooling Hub:

  • No pressure to consume content by a certain deadline
  • No sales gimmicks — one price, one time, access to everything
  • No mass bundle downloads full of resources you can’t use

You have full access to more than 20 expert-led workshops that are available to view when it’s convenient to YOU — Any time, any day, throughout the ENTIRE holiday season. (You can even watch more than once!) 🥰

There’s no hidden agenda of trying to squeeze more money out of you once you’re inside the Hub. We believe in the season of GIVING — The Hub, in its full capacity, is our gift to you! 🫶

With more than 40 free holiday resources included in the Hub (and more added throughout the season!), you’ll get access to a library of downloadable content that spans many holidays and ages, without using precious storage space on your computer for resources you’ll never touch. 😉

Holiday Homeschooling Hub

Why an app?

    • Convenience — Don’t waste time navigating a website, fumbling through downloaded files, or swiping through a PDF to find a link. With the Holiday Homeschooling Hub, you can simply open the app, use the search feature to find what you’re looking for, and go!

      Waiting in the long checkout line at the toy store? Don’t settle for mindless scrolling, open the app and get inspired by one of the workshop presenters to be a better version of YOU this season and create a homeschool experience your family will love!
    • Community — The benefits of social media, without all of the distractions & negativity. Because it’s an intimate group, your voice will be heard.

      Feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you are going to homeschool through the holidays? Thinking about just giving up for the season? You are not alone. Inside the Hub, you’ll get to chat with other homeschool mamas and workshop experts at any time to glean from their experiences and creativity to help you make the most of your homeschooling experience this season, without all of the added, unnecessary stress!
    • Commitment — The app makes showing up for your homeschool during the busiest time of the year FUN, because you are surrounded by mamas who are in the thick of this season with you! You have a tiny, yet powerful, group of cheerleaders in your back pocket keeping you committed to making this the best holiday homeschooling experience yet! 

WHAt are you waiting for?

Finally feel supported on your journey of creating a homeschool you love and actually walk away with resources and nuggets of wisdom that will make this the most wonderful time of the year again. Sign up now to join the waitlist and get everything you cå≈ould possibly need to create an awesome homeschool experience from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day!

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