Get started homeschooling quick and easy

Get Started Homeschooling Quick and Easy

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get started homeschooling, make sure you jump into this blog post with a pen and paper so that you can jot down everything you need to know to get started homeschooling quick and easy!

This blog is part 1 of a 4 part series full of helpful tips & advice for getting started homeschooling the right way! To watch the entire series, click here.



First, before you get started doing anything with homeschooling, you want to make sure that your homeschool is compliant with your local homeschool laws and regulations. One of our partners, HSLDA.org, has a great interactive resource about homeschooling laws. Click here to find your location and confirm your state laws and regulations. This is an important step in your journey to get started homeschooling quick and easy because the last thing you want is to have a thriving homeschooling and then find out that it’s not compliant.

Most states are pretty relaxed, but you want to make sure you keep up with what is required from the beginning for less headache down the road.

Next, figure out what homeschooling approach is best for your family. For us, we have always had a blended approach. We’ve never stuck to one type of homeschooling, it’s always been a mix-and-match bucket for us! And this is why I created Create Your Homeschool, because our family thrives when we do homeschool in a way that brings us joy.

The way your family learns best will not be the same way another family learns, that’s why I love the idea of creating YOUR homeschool. There’s no “box” you’re put in with your homeschool when you choose to create your homeschool. So, to get started homeschooling quick and easy, figure out your children’s learning style (you can take this simple quiz if you need help!) and create your own path for your homeschool journey!

It’s not scary to create your homeschool, it’s literally just figuring out what brings you joy and running with it.

Here are a few resources to help you get started homeschooling quick and easy that you might love:

100 smart steps to homeschool successdigital homeschool lesson plannerThe Happy Mama, Happy Homeschool ebook was created for homeschool mamas who know that deep down they want to be happy AND provide a meaningful education for their children.Productivity PrintablesLooking for a comprehensive guide to homeschooling your children without relying on worksheets? Look no further than our "Over 100 Things You Can Do To Homeschool Without Worksheets" printable! This resource is perfect for homeschool teachers who want to create a more hands-on, engaging learning experience for their children. With 102 different ideas for lessons and activities, you'll have plenty of options to choose from to keep your kids interested and motivated.trello for homeschool exclusive training join the homeschool mama academy members-only

Last, (and the most fun part of your journey to get started homeschooling quick and easy, in my opinion…) you get to start creating your homeschool! Here’s what you need to do to start creating your homeschool:

1️⃣ Set Goals

Setting academic goals, character goals, and personal goals for your homeschool. Without goals, you do not have anything to work towards. So, it’s important to set goals that will give you small boosts of encouragement and motivation throughout the year! Depending on the goals you’ve set for your homeschooling, you can use those goals to help shape your overall homeschooling experience as well, but finding curriculum and resources that will align with and support your goals.

Make sure your goals are realistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unreachable goals, make them small, exciting, and reachable so that setting goals has a bigger impact on your homeschool!

Homeschool Goals Printable Pack - This Homeschool Goals Printable Pack is a must-have tool for any homeschool parent looking to set and track their child's academic and personal goals! We’ve designed this resource to provide a clear and organized framework for setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).


2️⃣ Build a Support System

When I got started homeschooling our kids, I didn’t see the value in a support system. I wanted to figure this out on my own, I didn’t want advice from anyone else. And that’s okay! If you also have that type of personality, it’s totally okay to jump in and start swimming without a life vest. But eventually, you get tired. Even if you put the life vest on and choose not to use it until you need it, at least you have it for when you do need it. 🫶

The support system that we’ve created for homeschool mamas at Create Your Homeschool is incredible. It started as just a few hundred homeschool mamas inside our Facebook Group, now we get to hang out with over 30,000 mamas! In 2022, we also launched the Homeschool Mama Academy! The Academy is GOLD. It’s where like-minded homeschool mamas come together to share support, what they’re learning, advice, fresh ideas, and truly lock arms with others in the membership to help everyone grow and succeed together.

As the years have come and gone throughout our homeschool, I’ve realized that having the support I get from the Homeschool Mama Academy is something I needed (and wish I had from day one) all along.

Maybe you’re looking for something like the Homeschool Mama Academy. If so, click here to join us for free and jump into the support and advice today!

Additionally, there are other ways to find community and support to get started homeschooling quick and easy! Check out Facebook to search for groups about homeschooling! You can find a lot of different homeschool groups that are specific to homeschooling styles that might resonate with you, different homeschool struggles, seasons of life, etc. Just search what interests you most!

You can also join online forums, as well as finding support locally! Find a homeschool co-op, ask the library about homeschool support groups that might meet up monthly, etc.

Tapping into these resources will be the best thing you can do to get started homeschooling quick and easy! Because a support system is going to be there, like a life jacket, when you need it. Especially in your first year of getting started homeschooling!


Get started homeschooling quick and easy


This is part one of a four-part series. Don’t forget to head to the playlist to watch the next video! Thank you so much for watching this video today! I hope you got some great nuggets for your homeschool and I can’t wait to help you create your homeschool!


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