Why you should create a blog for your homeschool

Blogging isn’t new, nor is it dead – But I want to share why you should create a blog for your homeschool and how I believe it could be the best thing you have ever done.

Should you create a blog for your homeschool? Click through to read why I think you should! Plus instant access to a free homeschool resource library!
Should you create a blog for your homeschool? Click through to read why I think you should! Plus instant access to a free homeschool resource library!
Should you create a blog for your homeschool? Click through to read why I think you should! Plus instant access to a free homeschool resource library!
Should you create a blog for your homeschool? Click through to read why I think you should! Plus instant access to a free homeschool resource library!

Remember back in the day when people would add polaroids to sticky photo pages and carefully cover them with sheets of plastic to create photo books to place on the coffee table?

And eventually, that turned into printing images at CVS and sliding them into a ready-to-go photo album to place on a bookshelf, only to be brought down when family (or new boyfriends) came to visit?

Those efforts became super creative when people started using craft supplies and gluing their photos into a book again to make a scrapbook! Then digital photo albums became a thing… Facebook… Instagram…

Each of those seasons for documenting your life has come and go. Some lasting longer than others. But the beautiful story that backs up every one of these seasons is that people love to document and share their journey.

Blogging turns photo albums into photo journals that tell your story.

The reason why creating a blog for your homeschool is such a great idea is because other homeschool moms could be inspired by your journey.

Don’t let it intimidate you. You do not have to be a profound writer, IT master, or an educated educator. You simply need a passion to share. The rest is easy!

Now, a lot of people claim that blogs are great money-makers and simply start one to get rich quick. If that’s you, I strongly ask you to reconsider.

Blogging for profit takes a lot of work and a lot of time. You must be consistent and know what your audience wants. There are a lot of different moving parts to hosting a blog strictly for profit. It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely not a way to make money fast.

However, you can absolutely create a blog for your homeschool that will bring in additional side-income for your family, but your passion and reason for sharing HAVE to come first.

I began creating a blog for our homeschool because I wanted a way to digitally document all the things we were doing. Our state is pretty lenient on homeschool documentation, but it made me feel more at ease to know that I was keeping up with how we were learning just in case.

The thing to remember about creating a blog for your homeschool is that not everyone’s situation is the same, but someone can always learn something from the story you choose to share.

If you know you’re ready to start sharing your journey, or simply documenting your day, here are a few steps to take to create a blog for your homeschool and get it up and running.


Your domain is the website address that will showcase your blog! Pick something fun and creative, but easy to comprehend (and say). You can use your name, as I have, or create something unique to your readers (Like – Create Your Homeschool). Totally up to you!

My favorite way to check the availability of domain names is by using GoDaddy Who Is. You can type something into the search bar and it will tell you if it’s available. If it’s not, it will suggest other variations! When you’ve figured out what you want, you can also purchase your domain from GoDaddy!


Hosting, in layman’s terms, is the service that works behind the scenes of your blog to make it show up on the internet. It’s a necessity if you want to start a blog, there’s really no way around it. I personally love BlueHost They have super affordable options for hosting and is a great hosting service for bloggers!

You can click this affiliate link to learn more about them and check out their plans. CLICK HERE.


Next, you’ll need a platform to create your blog on. Personally, I use, and will only ever use, WordPress. It’s professional, simple, and easy to navigate. It has everything I need to create a blog for our homeschool and I think you’ll be quite satisfied, too! There are other platforms out there, but you’ll need to research those. Basically, I’ve just listed the best one for you. You’re welcome!


There are SO many themes to choose from. You can use free themes, paid themes, make your own theme (if you know someone techy), the options are endless.

The thing to remember about themes is, when you’re looking for one, look past the colors and photos. Those are customizable and will not download with the theme anyway. When looking at themes, you’re looking at the layout of it, what features it offers, whether it’s responsive or not. You’ll get to design it later!


Plugins are miniature “add-ons” to enhance the theme you’ve chosen for your website.

My favorite plugins are JetPack and Yoast SEO.

  • JetPack simplifies your website analytics, which is super important for you to learn to navigate and know if you want to build a successful blog.
  • Yoast helps you learn how to optimize your blog so that it will show up higher in Google’s search results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is crucial to the success of your blog.


You’ll want to create a list of pages that you’d like to showcase on your blog, then start creating them!

To start out, I would create an awesome “About Me” page, a “Connect With Me” page, and a “Freebies” page. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but the freebies page may need a little explanation.

Basically, you’ll want a page that has nothing on it but a sign-up form for your email list. This way, when someone clicks the “Freebies” link (or whatever you want to call it) at the top of your website, in the MENU section, they’ll have no other option but to hand over their email for the super valuable freebie you’re offering them!

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Lastly, starting a blog actually means you’ll need to write some blogs! The Yoast plugin will have you aim for anything over 300 words, which isn’t a problem if you love to write, like I do 😉 However, for the best opportunity to get your blog seen by more people, you need to create something valuable, that’s worth the read and shareable. I would personally aim for 750 words or more.

You’ll want to create a few evergreen posts that will become the pillar for your blog before doing anything else. An evergreen post is simply a post that never dies. It will always be something that someone can google and get value from regardless of how old it is, what season we’re in, etc.

For example, this post is one of my evergreen posts! I will update this from time to time to make sure it stays relevant, but for the most part, this content will stay the same for years and will always be valuable to whoever reads it!


Now, if you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective, way to create a blog for your homeschool – Maybe you want to start small, just use it as a journal, or slowly build your way up to creating a blog that will benefit others and not just share your story – You can always start blogging your journey at WordPress.com

WordPress has a site that will allow you to set up a free blog and start sharing with the world. Eventually, you’ll want to grab a domain and become a self-hosted site, but it’s a really simple and awesome way to get your feet wet with blogging!

The only thing left is to start writing! Take pictures of everything you do! Share stories and helpful resources! Don’t be afraid to link other people’s blogs in your blog if it’s helpful and relevant. Don’t focus so much on the aesthetics of your blog in the beginning, just start writing and sharing your journey.

I hope this inspires you to create a blog for your homeschool and reassures you that it doesn’t have to be fancy and professionally done. Just get it started and update it often! It’ll be an awesome thing to look back on from one year to the next as well 🙂

Did you know I have a resource library for homeschool families? I’m committed to adding more and more resources as often as I can PLUS you’ll automatically get access to the FREE lesson plans I create each month! If that sounds like something you’d be into, click the button below 🙂

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