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Stocking stuffer ideas for kids: last-minute shoppers guide

Let’s chat about last-minute stocking stuffer ideas for kids… Thank you, Amazon Prime! 😅 No,... [read more]

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Essential Oil Blends for Homeschool

Today, I’m sharing some of our favorite essential oil blends for homeschool. Our family went... [read more]

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50+ Free Christmas Homeschool Printables

I am so excited to share 51 FREE Christmas Homeschool Printables with you! These printables... [read more]


3 Simple ways to teach gratitude to kids all year

3 Simple Ways to Teach Gratitude to Kids All Year Long was written by Keyana Martinez... [read more]

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Educational Podcasts for Kids

Looking for Educational Podcasts for Kids? This list of podcasts is great to include in... [read more]

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weekly homeschool planner printable

Let’s talk about a weekly homeschool planner. Did you know that one of the biggest... [read more]


Autumn Journal Prompts for any age

Looking for autumn journal prompts? Check these out! Writing was always my favorite subject as... [read more]

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7 daily homeschool rhythm ideas to help you manage your day

Newsflash: You do not need a perfect daily homeschool rhythm to create an environment where... [read more]



Want to learn how to get started with digital planning for your homeschool? Stick around!... [read more]

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Ideas for fidgety homeschool kids

I love looking for new ideas for fidgety homeschool kids because I was a fidgety... [read more]

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7 Things you need to let go of as a homeschool mama

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are failing as a homeschool mama. The... [read more]

7 Things to do when you’re feeling unmotivated in homeschool

Feeling unmotivated in homeschool is a terrible feeling. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, or simply burnt out... [read more]

Best Educational Games for K-6

We’ve been looking for the best educational games to add to our homeschool collection this... [read more]


How to use Trello for homeschool

Trello for homeschool is quickly becoming a hot topic around most mamas. It honestly caught... [read more]

How to organize your homeschool: My top 3 tips + free printable!

Looking to organize your homeschool? Well, that wasn’t even on my mind when we were... [read more]

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HOMESCHOOL SUPPLIES LIST | What do I need to homeschool?

Everybody needs a great homeschool supplies list to get them through the year and that’s... [read more]

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HOW TO START HOMESCHOOLING | 5 steps + workbook!

Want to start homeschooling, but feeling overwhelmed? I totally get it! There is so much... [read more]

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Homeschooling Pros + Cons | The advantages + disadvantages of homeschool from a 2nd-gen homeschooler

Have you noticed that homeschooling is a hot topic these days? Regardless of the current... [read more]

Summer Sensory Bin Ideas

Summer sensory bin ideas are here and they are so much fun! You can use... [read more]

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The top 5 homeschool apps we use every single day

If you’re worried about screen-time, this is not the post for you… I’m sharing the... [read more]

[Free Homeschool Printable] STEM Learning + Life Cycle of a Plant

If you’re looking for a free homeschool printable to end your homeschool year with a... [read more]

10 things I didn’t know about homeschooling (from a second-gen homeschooler!)

That’s right – there are things I didn’t know about homeschooling, even as a second-generation... [read more]

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Homeschool Art Class made easy with Two Sticks Shadow Painting Kits [Review]

Incorporating a homeschool art class into your week can be overwhelming for most mamas. It... [read more]

Teach homeschool literacy with Create a Story Cards [Review]

Teaching homeschool literacy was one of the subjects that stressed me out the most when... [read more]


The ultimate spring sensory bin round up

It’s getting warmer, so we can take some of our learning outside and have some... [read more]