Ever get that feeling like your homeschool confidence takes a hit? This episode shares 5 ways to boost it so that you can teach with zero doubt!

009: Feeling unqualified? 🫀 Here are 5 ways to boost your homeschool confidence as a mama

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Ever get that feeling like your homeschool confidence takes a hit? I was chatting with a friend about it, and it got me thinking. We trust our gut from day one of motherhood, but when it comes to teaching our own kids, doubts creep in.

Let me shout it loud and clear: not having a teaching degree doesn’t mean you can’t rock the homeschool confidence game. So, let’s dive into five simple ways to boost your homeschool confidence and keep those kiddos learning happily at home.

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#1: Embracing Your Teaching Style

You’re unique, and so is your teaching style. Forget comparing yourself to others – teachers on Instagram, friends who teach, or other homeschool moms. Instead, figure out what you’re good at and what makes your homeschool special. Own your homeschool confidence style, mama!

#2: Finding Support to Help Boost Homeschool Confidence

Homeschooling can get lonely, but guess what? You’re not alone! Connect with other homeschool moms, both in your neighborhood and online. Share stories, ask for advice, and support each other. Your experiences are worth sharing, and a strong community is like a boost of homeschool confidence for your journey.

#3: Continuing to Learn Alongside Your Kids

Remember those boring continuing education sessions? Forget about them! Confidence comes with knowledge, especially when you’re passionate about it. Learn together with your kids – explore new stuff, attend workshops, or take online courses. The more you know, the more homeschool confidence you’ll feel. It’s as simple as that.

#4: Celebrating the Little Wins

Don’t just focus on the big picture. Celebrate the small victories! Start a wins book – a cheap notebook works great. Jot down those moments when your kid explains a lesson you taught or when you make it through a reading lesson without tears. These wins keep you motivated and boost your homeschool confidence when you need it.

#5: Trusting Your Gut

Mama, you’ve got that natural instinct to protect, encourage, and teach your kids. Trust it! If something’s not working, be open to change. Your intuition combined with your love for your children is powerful. Believe in yourself – you’ve got this homeschool confidence thing down!

In a nutshell, homeschooling is your unique journey. Embrace it, connect with fellow moms, keep learning, celebrate the wins, and trust your gut for that ultimate homeschool confidence. You’re not just teaching; you’re building homeschool confidence, making memories, and growing together. Enjoy the ride, mama!

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