How to use Trello for homeschool

Trello for homeschool is quickly becoming a hot topic around most mamas. It honestly caught me off guard because I’ve been using Trello in some way or another for different business projects throughout the last five years. I thought everyone knew what Trello was! Nevertheless, I see that among most mamas, Trello seems to be […]

How to organize your homeschool: My top 3 tips + free printable!

Looking to organize your homeschool? Well, that wasn’t even on my mind when we were making the decision to homeschool. However, a few months in, I realized that we needed to do something – and quick. Look, I don’t think it’s possible to prepare for the amount of homeschool STUFF you’ll bring in as a […]

HOMESCHOOL SUPPLIES LIST | What do I need to homeschool?

Everybody needs a great homeschool supplies list to get them through the year and that’s exactly what I’ve got for you today! The not-so-obvious guide to homeschool supplies is here – Leave your favorite homeschool supplies in the comments! I’m always looking to add to my cart! 🙂 Homeschooling can be overwhelming – I get […]

HOW TO START HOMESCHOOLING | 5 steps + workbook!

Want to start homeschooling, but feeling overwhelmed? I totally get it! There is so much info out there for starting your homeschool. In this video, I’m sharing my top five tips for getting started with homeschooling! These tips are NOT overwhelming, they’re super-practical… PLUS! There’s a workbook to help you too! Homeschooling can be overwhelming […]

Homeschooling Pros + Cons | The advantages + disadvantages of homeschool from a 2nd-gen homeschooler

Have you noticed that homeschooling is a hot topic these days? Regardless of the current state of our world, you need to make the best decision possible for educating your kids. Whether you choose to homeschool during quarantine or for the long-haul, this list of homeschool pros and cons will help you make that decision […]

Summer Boredom Busters [Free Printable Calendar]

Summer Boredom Busters – This free homeschool printable is going to transform your summer! We’ve put together the ultimate list of boredom-busting activities for your family in a convenient printable calendar! Simply download the calendar and print it to get started planning your summer fun! Feel free to repeat activities throughout the summer! Especially the […]

Summer Sensory Bin Ideas

Summer sensory bin ideas are here and they are so much fun! You can use sensory bins to keep the littles busy during lessons with the bigger kids or as an extra activity to reinforce what you’re learning. You can check out the list of spring sensory bins here. Sometimes the bins can get messy, […]


This free homeschool printable is the perfect rainy-day activity! You guys know how I feel about worksheets… [read more, here]. However, we’ve done our best to make each worksheet interactive, so that your child isn’t just writing for an hour, but learning through cutting, pasting, and playful scenarios. This free download is not meant to […]

The top 5 homeschool apps we use every single day

If you’re worried about screen-time, this is not the post for you… I’m sharing the top five homeschool apps we use every. single. day. Listen, before we dive in, I need you to know that screen-time is something I take notice of too. I can absolutely tell when my kids have had too much screen-time […]

[Free Homeschool Printable] STEM Learning + Life Cycle of a Plant

If you’re looking for a free homeschool printable to end your homeschool year with a bang, this is for you! I am SO excited about finishing up our homeschool year with STEM challenges! I mean… why wouldn’t you want to close out the year with STEM activities, right?! So much FUN! We do not take […]

10 things I didn’t know about homeschooling (from a second-gen homeschooler!)

10 things I didn't know about homeschooling, even as a second-generation homeschooler. The last one is beautifully surprising. Click through to read :)

That’s right – there are things I didn’t know about homeschooling, even as a second-generation homeschooler. I’ve had to learn a lot about homeschooling on my own. As I am sure you have! And guess what, we’re not alone. There are many mamas out there struggling to stay a-float in homeschool. Just trying to find […]

Homeschool Art Class made easy with Two Sticks Shadow Painting Kits [Review]

Homeschool art class does not have to be overwhelming! Click through to see what we're using to teach homeschool art at home :)

Incorporating a homeschool art class into your week can be overwhelming for most mamas. It was overwhelming for me and I even grew up painting canvases as a teenager and into my early adult life! Sometimes, we just do not feel confident enough in our own skills to pass that knowledge down to our kiddos. […]

Teach homeschool literacy with Create a Story Cards [Review]

Teaching homeschool literacy was one of the subjects that stressed me out the most when I began planning our homeschool kindergarten for my son. I was worried about teaching the right things, teaching on his level, and teaching in a way that was fun and simple for him to comprehend. Then I was introduced to […]

The ultimate spring sensory bin round up

It’s getting warmer, so we can take some of our learning outside and have some sensory bin fun! And since we are officially entering spring territory, I thought it would be helpful to have a place for all of the spring-themed sensory bins that I could find! These sensory bins look amazing and you can […]

Earth Day | Free Unit Study

This is a free unit study all about Earth day! We get to learn all about the planet we get to call home. This free five-week study, that includes exciting books, fun activities, and yummy recipes to try, helps you and your kids grasp why we celebrate Earth! In the unit study, you’ll find five […]

A note of encouragement in the midst of this chaotic world

“Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your […]

[FREE HOMESCHOOL PRINTABLE] 102 Activities + Ideas – NO Worksheets!

So many mamas are looking to do homeschooling without worksheets, because let’s face it… The world just has too many worksheets. I’ve been there, many times. So I know you’ve been there too! The kids do amazing with homeschool one day and the next day they are just. plain. over. it.  It can be frustrating. Especially with […]

Nature study printables + ideas for the mom who’s not outdoorsy

Have you ever completed a nature study in your homeschool? We did about a month ago and it was the most fun we’ve had so far! As a mama who’s never really been an “outdoorsy” kind girl, the concept of Wild + Free homeschooling makes me nervous. I feel safe indoors, nothing will sting you […]

Why you should create a blog for your homeschool

Blogging isn’t new, nor is it dead – But I want to share why you should create a blog for your homeschool and how I believe it could be the best thing you have ever done. Remember back in the day when people would add polaroids to sticky photo pages and carefully cover them with […]

Tips for a homeschool rhythm you’ll love!

A homeschool schedule for multiple kids that doesn’t make you crazy?! Does that even exist?! Well… Yes, friend. It does. I’m still getting in the swing of our daily rhythm, but I will share what I’ve learned so far and hopefully help you get your sanity back! When we began our first homeschool year, I […]

Skip counting activities + FREE printable cards

Looking for skip counting activities or skip counting printables? I've got you! Click through to read this post and grab my FREE downloadable cards 1-100!

Looking for fun skip counting activities? These cards are probably one of my favorites! I’ve only recently heard about the skip counting method. It intrigues me! However, we’re trying to spend the least amount of time as possible staring at a piece of paper or worksheet. So I wanted to create a resource that parents […]

HOMESCHOOL IN MARCH: What to celebrate, how to celebrate it, and tips to make it memorable

Homeschool in March // Ever feel STUCK?! You have no idea what to teach about, the kids are antsy, and everyone just needs a break?! Read this.

Have you ever wondered what the heck to do for homeschool in March? Or every month for that matter!? We are an eclectic homeschool family, meaning, we tend to switch up the way we homeschool often. I love to pull in elements from Montessori and Charlotte Mason. We all love to do unit studies too! […]

A realistic gift guide for homeschooled preschoolers under $100

I don’t know about you but, every time I search for a gift guide for my kids I find bookoos of blog posts by bloggers who are playing the affiliate game. And it drives me nuts. You know the game… They find the most expensive version of a toy or educational gizmo and share it […]

I’ve contributed over $6,000 to our family this year as a stay-at-home mom

This has been a year of gratitude and faithfulness and boldness in our home. We have been blessed with extra income - here's how it happened.

First of all – I am a 1,000% believer in the stay-at-home mama role of managing the home and kids without ever seeing a dime to her name. My husband is amazing. He has never once made me feel like I HAD to contribute financially. In fact, every time I send him a message showing […]

Homeschool Curriculum Update: A Gather ‘Round Christmas

With the New Year quickly approaching, I’m doing what most do this time of year. I’m reflecting on the things that I want to change. About myself, our family, our home, our routines, and most importantly, our homeschool. We began our first year of homeschooling this past July (2019). I feel like we had to […]