Best Family Read-Alouds

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We have a list of favorite family read-alouds that we’ve become attached to over the years. But that list is always growing! And we are constantly looking for the next best book that makes us laugh!

Our favorite way to find new books is to visit the library! Even with all of the junk happening in the world right now, our library is open for picking up books we’ve placed on hold. So we can still take advantage of getting new books to read!

However, because we can’t spend the day at the library anymore, I’ve relied on members of the homeschool community to share awesome read-aloud books with us so that I can add them to our library list for pickup!

So, I wanted to share that list of family read-alouds with you here today 🙂

These books are not only some of our family’s favorites, but also a lot of yours! Check out the list and share more ideas for family read-alouds in the comments!

There you have it!

A list of some of our favorite read alouds, a few of your favorite read alouds, and some classic read alouds too!

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Don’t forget, when you’re reading a family read aloud book, it’s totally appropriate and acceptable to be as silly as you can possibly be. A few of the books on this list almost require you to be silly as you read them. You’ll probably feel ridiculous, your kids WILL laugh at you, but at the end, you’ll welcome their laughs and the crazy stare from your husband. 🙂

Making memories with my kids is my favorite part of homeschooling and I love the memories we get to make when were reading a really great book together!

I hope you enjoy these family read alouds as much as we have!
Stay silly, mama! 🙂

Looking for the best family read-alouds? Check out this list of unique read aloud books to add to your library list! Then comment to add your own favorites!

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