Best Educational Games - Over 50 ideas for your next homeschool game day! Take a look at our favorite games, classics, and some newly added to our wishlist!

Best Educational Games for K-6

We’ve been looking for the best educational games to add to our homeschool collection this year. I know this is something that get’s asked about a lot, so I thought it would be fun to list our some of our finds and a few on our wishlist so that you can shop for new games to add to your homeschool space too!

Now, games are my favorite way to incorporate learning without the workbooks – cause, y’all know how I feel about them workbooks… And I think my kids really enjoy the break from “learning” when we play. Even though I sneak super fun learning games in there and they do not even realize they’re learning when they are!

So, I’ve mixed a few classics into this list, a few of our absolute favorites, and some new game options that are on our wishlist for this year! I hope this list inspires you to put some fun games into your homeschool day or heck, maybe even “cancel” homeschool for a full game day! Can you imagine what level of cool you’d be at with your kids, mama? For real.

Ok, let’s get into this list of best educational games for your homeschool!

Uno Card Game – A classic card game that can be used for counting, color matching, number matching, and strategy!

Zingo Bingo – A family favorite for us! This game helps with reading, matching, and it’s super fun, even for older siblings!

Boggle – Another classic that helps with letter and word recognition, speed, fluency, and friendly competition!

Scattergories – Definitely a family favorite around here! We love the rush to think of something in each category and list it quickly. It’s a great way to test your thinking skills!

Scrabble – I’ve linked the junior version of this game, depending on ages the classic version might be a good fit for you as well! Scrabble is just super fun and keeps your mind sharp!

Memory Matching – A classic game that reinforces memory skills, picture or letter recognition, and keeps the little ones entertained for a while!

Dominoes – So many options! These Dominoes have colored dots, so you can teach color recognition with the littles, as well as strategy, matching, simple math, and so much more with just one little set of Dominoes!

Jenga – Another family favorite! Jenga teaches engineering, strategy, competitive play, counting – and it’s so much fun to yell JENGA! 🙂

Scrambled States of America – A geography-based game that reinforces thinking skills, observation, and matching!

Brain Games – One of the best educational games! This kids edition is great to help you play and discover and challenge your brain!

Apples to Apples – A fun game of comparisons that improves vocabulary and thinking skills along the way!

Mastermind – We’re so excited to get this game! It’s a STEM game that focuses on setting secret codes and solving them!

Monopoly Junior – Our family LOVES Monopoly! The Junior edition makes it easier to get the littles involved as well 🙂 Counting, strategy, fun – this game has it all!

Grocery Cart – This game is FULL of math reinforcement. Mental math, money management – this is a great game!

OSMO Games – These games are on our wishlist! There are different levels that reinforce age-appropriate problem-solving. They work alongside an iPad to make learning fun!

Brainiac – A fun game that focuses on a lot of different subjects and grades! It’s perfect for larger families to incorporate every learning level!

Alphabet Bingo – Another wishlist item that we will be incorporating into learning this year!

GeoBingo – This is an awesome game that focuses on Geography! There are two options, World Geography and US Geography.

Candy Land AND Chutes + Ladders Bundle – This bundle of two classic board games are awesome for when you need a brain break (or a mama break). They’re easy to setup and play and they reinforce taking turns, following directions, and good sportsmanship!

Totally Gross – A unique science-based game that will be so much fun for everyone! Adding this one to our wishlist!

Race Across the USA – Another fun game to incorporate US Geography in a fun way!

Hoot Owl Hoot – This is an awesome matching game that reinforces following directions, taking turns, and matching!

Sum Swamp – Perfect for littles who are working on early math skills!

Bananagrams – One of our favorites! I’ve linked the big letter edition because we love to play with those better than the traditional version. You can do so many things with this game!

Shut the Box – This game has recently been added to our wishlist! I had never heard of it, but it looks like so much fun and it will reinforce strategic thinking!

Hi Ho Cherry-O – This is our five year old’s favorite game! You definitely need this one if you have littles – it’s great for counting 🙂

Story Cubes – We can’t wait to get this game! We love creative writing around here and this game makes it so easy to spark your imagination and create an awesome story!

Ticket to Ride – This is a highly talked about game in the homeschooling community! We’re adding this one to our wishlist this year!

Scabs and Guts – Grossly exciting and definitely on our wishlist! If you have a medical-obsessed kiddo, grab this game!

Chomp – This is a card game that looks like so much fun! It encourages science and reinforces hand-eye coordination. This one is on the wishlist!

Sight Word Swat – Definitely belongs on the list of best educational games! The most fun game you will ever play for school! We love this game so much!

Buy It Right – Another fun shopping game that reinforces money management!

Yahtzee – A classic game that we love! This is a great game for any age that reinforces competitive gameplay, good sportsmanship, counting, and thinking skills!

Sequence Dice – A fun game of strategy and chance! It also helps with counting, number recognition, and good sportsmanship!

Q-Bitz Jr. – This game is on our wishlist, too! We love that there are so many possibilities with this game and it focuses on patterns and hand-eye coordination!

Ubongo – Another unique brain-break game that challenges you to race to solve puzzles!

Guess Who – A classic game that helps with strategy, thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and the importance of asking great questions!

Engineering Ants – This is a fun cooperative learning game that teaches engineering, thinking skills, and design! We’re adding this one to our wishlist!

Chunks – A word-building game that will reinforce literacy skills!

Lost Puppies – This is such a cute game! It reinforces problem solving, logic, and is perfect for those who haven’t mastered reading yet!

Lucky Ducks – A super cute memory-based game that we love!

Classic Card Games – Our favorites are Solitaire, Speed, Go Fish, and Rummy! Don’t underestimate the power of a classic deck of cards in a list for best educational games!

Checkers – I’ve linked the jumbo rug version we have because it’s so much fun! We can play on the bed, outside, on the floor – and it’s easy to clean up! Checkers is great for strategic thinking!

Connect 4 – Another great game for strategic thinking and strategy!

Great States – A fun geography-based game that is fast-paced and a great way to reinforce US Geography at a young age!

I Spy, Eagle Eye – This game is SO much fun! Be warned, the bell WILL get on your nerves, haha.

Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel – Another game on our wish list! It reinforces color-matching, fine motor skills, and strategy!

Trivial Pursuit – I’ve linked the family edition because everyone needs a brain break every now and again! Pull this game out on a rainy day for lots of fun and learning!

Pictionary – One of our all-time favorite games! We all love to draw (and laugh at each other’s drawings!) during this fun, fast-paced game!

Life Junior – We’re obsessed with The Game of Life around here! This junior edition is perfect to include your littles in the classic game too!

Cranium – We love the different elements of this game! You don’t know what you will have to do or create, but it’s so much fun to find out!

HeadBanz – This game is great for deductive reasoning and strategy! Plus, it’s super fun to play! Beware: Lots of giggling involved.

Outfoxed – Work together to figure out the answer!

STEM Family Battle – We can’t wait for this to come in! It’s a STEM-based trivia game you can play as a family! So excited!

Risk for Kids – I’ve linking the pirate edition because… why not 🙂 It’s such a fun way to reinforce strategic thinking!

Mancala – It looks old-school, but it is seriously one of our favorites, so I had to add it to this list of best educational games!

Guess in 10 – Another fun game to keep your brain going! This edition creates opportunities to learn about new cities around the world, too!

Best Educational Games - Over 50 ideas for your next homeschool game day! Take a look at our favorite games, classics, and some newly added to our wishlist!

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