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The Create Your Homeschool Affiliate Program is open to all homeschool brands & influencers who want to provide high-quality homeschool resources to their audience in an authentic way!  

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Who can be an affiliate?

Currently, our affiliate program is open to anyone who owns an educational brand, shop, or blog, and has a passion to share high-quality homeschool resources & events with other homeschooling families!

If you are an influencer for homeschool families, a homeschool blogger, manage a homeschool Facebook Group, or simply a homeschool mama who wants to share what you love, you are eligible to participate in the program.


What products earn commission?

If you can purchase it at, you can earn a commission on it! This includes the thousands of products inside the Create Your Homeschool Marketplace too! 

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  • Monthly Payouts
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Unique & Trackable Link

Affiliates earn a percentage of any sale made after a customer clicks through their unique, trackable link. Links can be inserted on a website, in an email, on any social media platform, in ads (paid for by the affiliate), and direct messaging (including text).

Monthly Payouts

Payouts are made monthly via PayPal on a NET 60 basis. This means, sales made in January, will be paid in March, February sales will be paid in April, etc. There is a $1 minimum payout, you get paid what you’ve earned!

Sales Bonuses

Occasionally, you can participate in affiliate contests to earn additional income bonuses! These contests are announced via our affiliate Facebook Group. So make sure you join to stay updated!


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