Second-Generation Homeschool Mama of three with a passion to help other mamas create a homeschool they’ll love!

Hey y’all! My name is Shela, I am a wife and a homeschooled-homeschooling mama of three! Yep! I was homeschooled my entire life 😅 and when I had my first baby, I swore she would attend public school so that she could experience everything I “missed out on”…

and that’s exactly what happened!

But I realized everything I “missed out on”, was not worth the mess that is public schooling.

Now we’re headed into our sixth year of homeschooling (I can’t even believe it!!) — my youngest two have never been to a public school! And I am SO grateful we made the switch!!


Here’s a glimpse into our homeschool!

awesome homeschool field trip ideas

Since our first day, we’ve always had an “eclectic” homeschool style. We ebb and flow with learning as the kids gain new interests and grow as individuals, pulling in all kinds of different types of curriculum and resources to cater to each of their individual learning styles and abilities.

However, it’s taken a while for me to detach myself from the “curriculum power” that has always been responsible for planning our year.

Like many other homeschool mamas, I’ve struggled with feeling like a failure or not feeling good enough to homeschool my kids because of simple things like — not finishing a curriculum “on time. 🙄 

That’s why I started this space on the internet. I want to help homeschool mamas get out of that rut and create a homeschool they love without feeling like they have to do everything “by the book”.


Say “YES!” to creating a homeschool you love, too!