Looking for the perfect holiday read-aloud? Join Shela in today’s episode all about slowing down this season and intentionally creating moments of festive joy in your homeschool by reading together! She’s sharing 5 of her favorite read-alouds for the season!

004: 5 Holiday Read Alouds for Your Homeschool


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Y’all… My calendar finally says December. I can’t even!! I find myself equally excited and yet wishing time would slow down so that I can stuff everything I want to do this season into this month. 

One of the easiest ways to homeschool through the holidays is by simply creating a daily festive reading routine! But if you’re anything like me, you might get stuck on what to actually read throughout the season. So, I’m highlighting some of my favorite read-alouds for this merry season here on the Create Your Homeschool podcast today! 

And don’t worry, there’s links to this entire list below – so you don’t have to write anything down 😉 

Let’s dive in! 

First, just in case you need a refresher course on read-alouds… A read-aloud is a simple yet powerful activity where someone reads a book aloud to others, typically in a family setting. It’s a shared experience that brings families together through the magic of storytelling. But why is it so special, and why does it hold a special place in the heart of homeschooling families like us?

Well, for starters, it provides intentional moments together in the busyness of the day. During the holidays, it’s even more important to find those moments of connection and share stories that capture the spirit of the season. 

Another reason reading aloud is so great is that it helps young learners build foundational literacy skills. Hearing stories read aloud helps kiddos develop language comprehension, expand their vocabulary, and develop a love for the rhythm and cadence of reading and language. 

And perhaps most importantly, read alouds are the catalysts for cultivating a love for reading. When kiddos associate warmth, joy, and togetherness with reading, they are more like to enjoy books and learning in the future. 

Now that you’re all caught up – here’s some of our favorite read alouds for the holiday season that you can incorporate into your homeschool this year! 

  1. The Polar ExpressDon’t even get me started on ways to enjoy the polar express outside of just reading it. And don’t forget to try different hot chocolate recipes while you’re reading through this beautiful story! 
  2. How the grinch stole ChristmasA yearly classic that never fails to make me sob. The story of the grinch finding his own Christmas spirit is the best! This one is a must-read.

    By the way, you can totally grab these titles from your local library! You might even be able to find them on YouTube or a library reading app like Hoopla. Reading doesn’t have to be expensive 😉
  3. A Christmas CarolA chapter book with an incredible story to welcome the season. I’ve linked the illustrated version! 
  4. The night before Christmas This story has so much nostalgia for me. We read it every single year!
  5. And lastly, but definitely not least, another story we love to readThe best Christmas pageant Ever. This story… It is so freaking beautiful! I promise it will be a must-read for your family every single year if you read it. 

Remember, these stories, and any others you might read throughout the season, not only bring joy but also create lasting memories and intentional moments of slowing down for your family. It’s truly a gift. 

Thank you for joining me on this episode of the Create Your Homeschool podcast. I hope your family will enjoy reading these read-alouds this season!

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Merry Christmas, y’all! 

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