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3 Free Art Projects for Your Homeschool

Free Art Projects for Your Homeschool

We all know art is a vital part of homeschooling, but…

Sometimes it can be so overwhelming!

That’s why I’ve put together this resource for you. I’ve gathered free art projects that you can do with your kids or that they can do on their own. These projects span ages 3-13, and I’ve listed them in age order. Enjoy!

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Teal Things Project

Ages: 3-6
Supplies: clipart packet, teal paper, scissors, glue, teal craft items

Is anyone else’s favorite color teal?
Lili at Barefoot and Bilingual loves this color, so she put together a free teal clipart packet.
I’ve outlined a teal things sorting craft. This helps young kids identify a color NOT on the rainbow which helps their observation skills and color awareness.

Here’s how you can use this for your littles!

-Download this free clipart packet.

-Print out on paper.

-Cut out/have your child cut out clipart pieces. This will depend on your child’s skill level.

-Glue to a piece of construction paper.

-Gather other things around your craft room to add.

-Have fun!

Click here to get this freebie!


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How to Draw a Tiger Art & Writing Activity

Age: 5-10
Supplies: printable worksheet, guided instructions, pencil, eraser, black marker, crayons.

Did you know art is a perfect medium for learning skill subjects? I have found that even reluctant writers enjoy writing when their story is accompanied by a drawing they just made!

In this art & writing activity, students learn to draw and color a tiger step-by-step. Then they write a story to explore their tiger even more. I differentiated this activity into 5-6 year old steps and 7-10 year old. A 5-6 year old will likely need a grownup’s help with the instructions and writing. A 7-10 year old will likely be able to complete this project on their own.

Click here to go to this resource!


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One Lantern to Rule Them All

Ages: 8-13
Supplies: a pencil, white pencil, xacto knife with fresh blade, black paper, a ruler, and a space to cut on.

Any other Lord of the Rings fans out there? This project is a great family collaboration craft that will bring you and your elementary-aged children together.

Here’s an excerpt from the blog Raising Seidlings where you can find this free tutorial!
“Then my son took a glue stick and glued together the scenes for each lantern. He started with the largest piece first, the background piece. Then the second largest and so on until we were adding final details. In this one it was the purple sky glued to the white, then the larger mountain scene, then smaller, then smaller. After that we added the stars and moon. We glued it all into the back of the lantern.”

Click here to go to this tutorial!

Wishing an art teacher could just come and teach for you?
Here are some online art teachers I’ve reached out to who are offering a free class if you just ask!
Click their link, claim your free $20 credit, then message them for your free class.

Andrea Violet | Early Elementary Art Teacher 

Alexandra McCarty | Art – STEAM – Dinosaurs & More!

Raymond Mullikin | Professional Cartoonist & Credentialed Teacher

Abbey Allen | Art Teacher of ARTventurous Animals

Hope you enjoyed! Post a picture of any completed projects in the comments below.

-Abbey Allen | Art Teacher of ARTventurous Animals

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