homeschool field trip ideas to boost learning

15 Fabulous Homeschool Field Trip Ideas To Boost Your Child’s Learning

Some of these awesome homeschool field trip ideas were inspired by some of the incredible mamas in the Create Your Homeschool Facebook group! Click here to join!

awesome homeschool field trip ideas

We LOVE homeschool field trips! For so many reasons, not just for a fun “day-off school” — Cause you know those field trips count as school days, right mama?!

Homeschool field trips are the best because we get to do what we love to do and learn a few new things along the way! But, it’s hard coming up with field trip ideas sometimes. I want to go on exciting adventures while we’re learning so that the kids enjoy it and it’s not a drag. 😅 

Grab your planner, enjoy some photos of our homeschool field trips over the years, and schedule some of these awesome homeschool field trip ideas right now!

Awesome Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

First, let’s mention the elephant… err, I mean dinosaur, in the room! 😂

One of our most memorable trips was getting to visit a museum with a dinosaur exhibit! We LOVE the movie, Night at the Museum, but we’ve never seen one of the big dinosaur-bone models — until this trip! It was SO much fun seeing how big the dinosaurs were!

The museum had models like the one pictured here, as well as others that were mechanical, set up in an exhibit that felt like we were in Jurassic Park! 

I highly recommend finding a museum with a dinosaur exhibit! And if you’re local to North Carolina, check out The Schiele Museum

The Schiele Museum in Gastonia, North Carolina

The Farm at The Schiele Museum

I promise this isn’t an ad for The Schiele Museum 😅 It was just so much fun and full of all kinds of great exhibits!! They even have an outdoor farm simulation and trails that lead to other awesome exhibits that tell about ancient ways of life and the Catawba Indian Tribe! 

These photos make me want to plan another trip there! Brb while I grab my calendar! 😍

Okay! More homeschool field trip ideas coming your way!

awesome homeschool field trip ideas

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

I’ll spare you EVERY photo we took with a lighthouse, but the Outer Banks of North Carolina is BEAUTIFUL and definitely worth the trip for your homeschool! 

Their National Park Rangers have a program where you can grab a kid’s guide for the lighthouses! It’s full of all kinds of facts and things to make sure you see while on your trip! The Rangers are also really great at answering any questions the kids have! It was a wonderful learning experience / family vacation!

awesome homeschool field trip ideas

Local Science Museum

Our local science museum plans different exhibits every month! I am sure you are close to a science museum, wherever you are! These are great day-trip opportunities when you want to get out of the house while learning, and are usually really affordable!

We grabbed a membership to our local science museum before the world shut down 😅 The kids never got tired of going! It’s so much fun! 

awesome homeschool field trip ideas

The Aquarium

Head to any beach and you will most likely find an aquarium! 

We visited the Ripley’s Aquarium in Tennessee (not near the beach, ha!) and it was so much fun! We’ve also been to other aquariums near our North Carolina beaches. It’s never the same experience and our family never gets tired of watching fish swim, walking under hammerhead sharks, or standing in a whale’s mouth! 😅

awesome homeschool field trip ideas

Hiking in the Pisgah National Forest 

Our family LOVES to go waterfall hunting, but 2020 gave us a great love for just simply hiking in general! 

The Pisgah National Forest was beautiful! Great scenery, picnic spots, and learning opportunities! Most National Parks / Forests will have signs up telling about different wildlife found in the park, as well as information about plants, flowers, and trees you’ll see! It’s a great place to do nature journaling as well! 

awesome homeschool field trip ideas

The Virginia Creeper Trail

Another, hands-down, BEST, totally-worth-the-drive, field trip that our family LOVES! 

Riding bikes on the Creeper Trail is a fun day! There are a million bike rental places near the trail in Damascus, Virginia – if you do not own your own bike! They will shuttle you and your bike to the top of the trail and you can ride back down at your own pace! 

And it’s kid-bike friendly! 

There are little historic museums and shops along the trail, places for picnics, bridges, wildlife, fields, train tracks, and FRESH MOUNTAIN AIR! Get this on your calendar, asap!

Other awesome homeschool field trip ideas we want to add to our calendar soon!

These ideas were shared by other homeschool mamas who have enjoyed these trips with their homeschool in our Facebook group!

  • Visit a local dam or make a family vacation out of it and head to the Fontana Dam in North Carolina (make sure to visit Cherokee while you’re near by!)
  • Check out you local water company to learn about city water and all of the behind the scenes of that business
  • The Medieval Museum in Central Park
  • The Aviation Museum in Florida
  • Military Forts + War Reenactments
  • The Zoo – Any and all of them! (We have a zoo bucket list to visit every zoo in the US! 😅)
  • The Henry Ford Museum 
  • Body Worlds in Las Vegas (looks grossly fascinating!!)
  • The Mayan Ruins (my husband and I have been there, but I’d love to bring the kids back one day!)
  • Visit a local Planetarium!
  • Local farm tours: Dairy farms, blueberry farms, apple orchards, flower farms, etc.
  • The Ark + Creation Museum in Kentucky
awesome homeschool field trip ideas

Lastly, don’t underestimate your own back yard!

The best thing you can do with your family is explore your own back yard! Identify birds, insects, and leaves. Do family nature art and journaling. Plant a garden and observe it. There are so many things around us that we take advantage of that are PERFECT learning opportunities for our homeschool! Take a moment this week to find something like this and enjoy it! 

Thanks for checking out this post of awesome homeschool field trip ideas! 

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