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what stage of homeschooling are you in? take the homeschooling stages quiz here
what stage of homeschooling are you in? take the homeschooling stages quiz here
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Keep homeschool reading fun without going to the library

Stop unintentionally encouraging your kids to despise reading. Instead, make it fun, encourage their curiosity, and feed their excitement by trying a few of these ideas + resources for your homeschool reading time!

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Hey y’all! I’m Shela!

I’m an expert at sustainable homeschooling (you know, homeschooling for the long-haul!), a nerd when it comes to homeschooling more efficiently, + my passion is teaching other homeschool mamas how to create a homeschool they can be proud of!

A small town Carolina mama, blogger, + educator, my happiest days are spent behind the science sharing my homeschooling secrets with you! I am so happy you’re here! 

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