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High School Resources

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30 Days of History: The Middle Ages
Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline Project for Civil Rights Movement and MLK Day
Cell Division One Pager Biology Project STEM Science Activity NGSS
Critical Thinking Essay Questions – 1850s-1890s
Solving Multi Step Equations Variables on Both Sides Notes Practice Homework U1
High School Reading Comprehension Questions Packet
Farming and Climate Change | Video, Handout, and Worksheets

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Middle School Resources

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Women in Science | Women’s History Research Project
All About the Everglades | Florida Everglades National Park
Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers Activities – Converting Fractions
Reader’s Response Choice Boards for Independent Reading | Fiction and Nonfiction
Nervous System Brain Lab
US Presidents Activity John Adams and James Monroe
Thanksgiving ESCAPE ROOM – Holiday Traditions – Reading Comprehension – No Prep

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There are 3.7 million Homeschool Students in the U.S.

67% of Homeschooled Students graduate college

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Elementary School Resources

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Skip Counting Activities
Ocean Animal Research Writing Project | STINGRAYS for K-2nd Grade
Letter A Flower Craft
Zacchaeus Bible Activities | Stories of Jesus Bible Lessons | Zacchaeus the Tax Collector
Differentiated Multiplication Searches
Life Cycle Printable Crafts 15 Insects

78% of studies show that Homeschooled Students perform better than students attending identical classes at brick-and-mortar schools.

Homeschooled Students score 15%-30% higher than public school students on standardized tests.

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